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Cutting Edge, End Bit

    1. Wheel Loader Cutting EdgeOur wheel loader cutting edge is made using high quality alloy steel (30GrMoNi) or 30MnB\22SiMn2.
      It is available in a complete range of specifications, suitable for all kinds of loaders at home and abroad.
      The wheel loader cutting edge undergoes quenching and tempering, with performance up to ...
    1. Motor Grader Cutting EdgeThe material options for our motor grader cutting edge include high carbon steel and high quality boron steel. There are curved blades and flat blades available.
      With thickness range from 13mm to 75mm, and width from 152mm to 406mm, the cutting edge is suitable for all kinds of graders domestically and overseas.
    1. Excavator Cutting Edge The bucket teeth and the wear plate of our excavator cutting edge are made of high quality boron alloy steel, with low alloy steel used for the former and medium alloy steel for the latter.
      With thickness from 13mm to 120mm, the cutting edge is suitable for all kinds of excavators domestically and overseas.
    1. Bulldozer Cutting EdgeOur bulldozer cutting edge is made of high-quality boron steel.
      The cutting edge is available in thickness from 13-80mm and width from 152mm-480mm, which can accommodate needs of all kinds of bulldozers at home and abroad.
      There are curved end bit and flat end bit for the bulldozer cutting edge. The curved end bit is manufactured ...
    1. Plow Bolt, NutThe plow bolt is used in assembling the parts for different models of bulldozers and excavators. The bolt is manufactured in grade 10.9 or 12.9, or made using specific material according to customer's request.
      We at FUDEA commonly supply grade 10.9 plow bolt as well as grade 10 nut which are used together.

We is a professional cutting edge, end bit manufacturer and supplier in China. Our products include excavator cutting edge, wheel loader cutting edge, boom arm, hydraulic cylinder, excavator bucket, bucket bushing, bucket pin, and others.

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    1. Bucket Bushing, Bucket PinOur bucket pin has high strength and its external surface goes through high frequency quenching with the hardening layer depth of 1.5-2.5mm or medium ...
    1. Track RollerMaterial: the track roller is made of 50MN with hardness up to 50-60HRC.
      Packaging: pallet packaging
      Minimum order quantity (MOQ): ...