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Excavator Bucket

We have been an excavator bucket manufacturer as well as exporter for more than six years. To ensure the quality of our product, we make use of a series of advanced equipment such as large-scale lapping machine, digital control flame cutting machine, and the like. The detailed information is as follows.
1. We cut the raw materials with digital control flame cutting machines.
2. The bottom plate is machined by large-scale lapping machine.
3. Holes of the side cutter are manufactured with CNC machining. Thus, accurate holes will be ensured.
4. In terms of the bevel of the excavator bucket, the edge milling machine makes it smoother.
5. Our all products are welded by Panasonic brand CO2 protective welder and the welding gas used is ArCo2 mixed gas which can reduce the number of pores and improve the appearance as well as strength of the welding product. The professional welders in our company all come with 5 years experience.
6. Prior to ex factory, all finished products must go through a rigorous testing.

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Our company supplies a wide range of excavator buckets including standard series, rock series, and reinforced series. Description about their features is as follows.

Standard Bucket
This standard excavator bucket is made of top quality and high strength structural steel Q345B. Its adapter is made of domestic top quality products. This product features large capacity as well as a high block coefficient. The open bucket shape helps prevent sticky materials from clogging, making it an excellent tool for simply muck shifting from place to place. Thus, it will enable users to work more efficiently and save more time. In addition, this product is ideal for clay digging and light work such as loading of sand, earth and gravel.

Reinforced Bucket
On the basis of standard series, this reinforced excavator bucket is made of high strength wearable steel NM360 and its adapter is a world famous SBIC product. This product not only inherits all of the advantages of standard series, but also is greatly improved in the aspect of strength and wearability. Furthermore, it is ideally suitable for digging of hard soil or soil mixed with soft stone, loading of gravel or broken stone, and other applications.

Rock Bucket
Most parts of the rock bucket is manufactured from HARDOX-500 steel. Its teeth and adapters are world famous MTG or SBIC products. Coming with a unique design, our product maximizes its reliability and economic efficiency as well as greatly improves the excavation performance. Like other similar products, our product also improves its working efficiency and shortens the working time. Additionally, an adjustable sleeve is installed at the connection with the bracket of this product. It is designed to dig earth with hard rock, sub-hard stone, and land waste. Also, our product is intended for heavy work such as digging as well as loading of solid rock, blasted ore, etc.

Technical Parameters of Materials
Material Model Related chemical composition Hardness( HB) Extension (%) Extension intensity
( N/mm2)
Bending strength
( N/mm2)
C Si Mn P S
Mn board Q345B 0.18 0.55 1.4 0.03 0.03 163-187 21 470-660 345
Homemade re-grinding board NM360 0.20 0.3 1.3 0.02 0.006 360 16 1200 1020
High intensity re-grinding board HARDOX-500 0.20 0.7 1.7 0.025 0.01 470-500 8 1550 1300

Our buckets can be integrated with a wide range of the excavators of the above well-known brands. Its capacity varies from 0.25 m3 to 4.5 m3. However, to suit varied needs of our customers, the capacity also can be customized, as well as the shape, texture, thickness, and other design characteristics.

Note: Please use the product in a correct way according to the environmental conditions. Otherwise, its lifespan will be shortened, or even it may be damaged.

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