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Bucket Bushing, Bucket Pin

Bucket Bushing, Bucket Pin
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Our bucket pin has high strength and its external surface goes through high frequency quenching with the hardening layer depth of 1.5-2.5mm or medium frequency quenching with the depth of the hardening layer 3-5mm. It is designed with reasonable oil way which facilitates smooth oiling. The bucket pin works together with a variety of bucket bushing and is applied to the joint of the boom of engineering machinery such as excavators and loaders.

The bucket pin has the functions of positioning and load bearing. The pin diameter, material and surface hardness are directly related to its load-bearing capacity.

Material: the bucket pin is made of medium carbon alloy steel such as 40Cr, 42CrMo, etc.
Surface hardness: 48~60HRC
Heat treatment: hardening and tempering, external surface with high or medium frequency quenching
Surface treatment: hard chrome plating, with hardness exceeding HV700; spray painting

The bucket bushing is anti-cracking because we do surface treatment after thermal refining to guarantee the inside hardness and outside cracking-resistance. Our 40Cr 45# high-strength bushing is designed for excavator and bulldozer and the bushing is manufactured through strict procedures.
1) Forging. The bushing is placed in the workshop after being forged.
2) Subsequent processing. The bushing is processed according to your requirements.
3) Rough grinding. After being grinded by the lathe, both ends of the bushing become flat and it is semi-finished.
4) Drilling. Before drilling, an oil slot will be dug.
5) Heat treatment. In the metalworking workshop, the quality of the bushing will be firmly strengthened under nearly 1000℃ heat treatment.
6) Tempering. After being tempered, the hardness can reach 48-52 HRC.
7) Fine grinding. We grind the inner side and then the outer side. In this sequence, we will not damage the product.
8) Packaging. The bushing is packaged with carton and we spray the rust inhibiting oil on the bushing.
9) Warehousing. We store the product in our warehouse.

We also do surface treatment to the bucket pin after thermal refining to ensure enough inside hardness and outside wearlessness. The main manufacturing procedures of the bucket pin are similar to that of the bucket bushing. The step 6), 8) and 9) are omitted when we produce the pin.

The Specifications of the Bucket Pin and Bushing
Part name Model Size (mm)
Bucket Pin PC200-7 PC200-5 CAT320 80*230
PC300-7 E330 CAT345 90*560
PC400-7 100*550
PC120 65*380
Bushing PC200-7 PC200-5 CAT320 80*95*80
80*95 SF
80*95 GF
80*110 SF
PC300-7 E330 CAT345 90*105*70
90*110 GF
90*120 SF
PC400-7 100*115*80
100*120 GF
100*120 SF
100*130 SF
PC120 65*80*65
65*80 SF

Minimum order quantity: 500 PCS or of an equivalent to 3000 USD

As a specialized bucket bushing, bucket pin manufacturer and supplier in China, FUDEA also provides excavator bucket, bucket link, link rod, boom arm, hydraulic cylinder, and wheel loader cutting edge, among others.

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