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Bucket Link, Link Rod

Bucket Link, Link Rod
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As a component of bucket, the link rod has the functions of positioning and load bearing. The bucket link is applied to the joint of the boom of engineering equipment such as excavators, and loaders, etc.

We at FUDEA provide a wide variety of bucket link for heavy equipment such as exactors of Caterpillar, Komatsu, Hitachi, Kobelco, Mitsubishi, Sumitomo, Daewoo, Kato, Hyundai, Mitsubishi and Samsung.

Applicable Models
1. Komatsu: PC40, PC60-5-6-7, PC100, PC120, PC130, PC240, PC200-1-3-5-6, PC220-1-3-5, PC300-3-5, PC400-1-3-5
2. Hitachi: EX40, EX60, EX150, EX100M, EX100, EX120, EX150, EX200-1-2-3, EX300-1-3-5, EX400, UH08, UH07
3. Caterpillar: E110B, E200B (E320), E240 (MS180), E300B, E330
4. Daewoo: DH220, DH280, R200, R210.
5. Kato: HD250, HD400 (HD450), HD500, HD550, HD700 (HD770), HD800, HD820, HD850, DH880, HD1020, HD1220 (HD1250), HD1430, DH1880
6. Kobelco: SK07N2, SK07-7SK200, SK220, SK300, SK320
7. Sumitomo: SH120, SH200, SH280, SH300, SH400
8. Mitsubishi: MS110, MS120, MS180
9. Samsung: SE55, SE210

The bucket link is made of Q345B, with surface hardness of 55HRC~58HRC. The link rod provides yield strength of 800MPa, impact flexibility of 800kJ/m2 and center hardness of 22HRC~25HRC. High strength CO2 gas shielded welding is used to ensure the strength of the link mechanism. The internal liner is made of spheroidal graphite cast iron, guaranteeing self-lubricating function when the bucket link is working.

Specification: ∮80*90, and ∮90*90, etc.
Packaging: pallet packaging or customized packaging
Minimum order quantity (MOQ): 10 PCS or of an equivalent to 3000 USD

We is a China bucket link, link rod manufacturer and supplier. In addition, we offer excavator bucket, excavator cutting edge, boom arm, track bolt, track nut, and hydraulic cylinder.

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