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Digging Bucket and Attachments

    1. Excavator Bucket We cut the raw materials with digital control flame cutting machines.
      The bottom plate is machined by large-scale lapping machine.
      Holes of the side cutter are manufactured with CNC machining. Thus, accurate holes will be ensured.
      In terms of the bevel of the excavator bucket, the edge milling machine makes it smoother.
    1. Bucket Bushing, Bucket PinOur bucket pin has high strength and its external surface goes through high frequency quenching with the hardening layer depth of 1.5-2.5mm or medium frequency quenching with the depth of the hardening layer 3-5mm. It is designed with reasonable oil way which facilitates smooth oiling. The bucket pin works together with a variety of bucket bushing and is applied to the joint of the boom of engineering machinery such as excavators ...
    1. Bucket Link, Link RodThe bucket link is made of Q345B, with surface hardness of 55HRC~58HRC. The link rod provides yield strength of 800MPa, impact flexibility of 800kJ/m2 and center hardness of 22HRC~25HRC. High strength CO2 gas shielded welding is used to ensure the strength of the link mechanism. The internal liner is made of spheroidal graphite cast iron, guaranteeing self-lubricating function when the bucket link is working.
    1. Bucket TeethOur bucket teeth are castings made from high quality alloy steel.
      The products are available in a comprehensive range of specifications, meeting the bucket teeth needs of all the machines at home and abroad.
      The bucket teeth are quenched and tempered to offer performance up to the international standard.

We are a professional digging bucket and attachments manufacturer in China. We provide excavator bucket, bucket bushing, bucket pin, bucket link, link rod, and bucket teeth pin lock. In addition, cutting edge, boom arm, and undercarriage parts are also available.

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    1. Boom ArmThe long reach boom, also a kind of boom arm, is classified into the two-stage and three-stage types.
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