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Telescopic arm, a kind of boom arm, is a mechanism fixed onto an excavator. Under the action of the telescoping cylinder, the movable part extends or retracts for larger digging radius and reasonable loading height.

The telescopic arm is divided into sliding boom arm and sleeve type boom arm.

Sliding Boom Arm (Telescopic Arm)
The movable part of the telescopic arm slides along the fixed part under the action of the telescopic cylinder and slide block. The sliding boom arm is mainly composed of the fixed part, mobile part, slide block, and telescopic cylinder, etc. This type of telescopic arm provides the advantages of large load capacity, simple structure, and low manufacture cost. Generally, it has a stroke within 4m and is generally designed as a two-stage telescopic arm for use on excavators for deep pit applications.

Sleeve Type Boom Arm (Telescopic Arm)
The first segment of the sleeve type boom arm is fixed, while the rest segments are movable. All the movable parts are put inside the fixed part like sleeving, which extend or retract by means of the cylinder. There is only one segment and two or more movable segments for the sleeve type boom arm. The number of cylinder is one more than that of the movable segments. This type of telescopic arm provides larger working radius. Due to complicated structure and high manufacture cost, it is commonly designed into over three segments, and used for excavators applicable to deep pit or work at high altitude.

Technical Parameters of Boom Arm (Long Reach Arm)
Model of excavator Total length of boom and bucket link (mm) Working weight (kg) Bucket capacity
Max. digging height (mm) Max. digging depth (mm) Overall height (mm)
PC120-6 13000 3000 0.3 11300 9000 2900
PC200LC-6 15380 4000 0.4 12510 11340 2980
PC220LC-6 15380 4200 0.4 12610 11370 3040
PC300LC-6 18000 5200 0.4 13720 13000 3210
PC350LC-6 20000 6000 0.5 14920 15000 3210
PC400LC-6 22000 6500 0.6 16100 16500 3400
PC450LC-6 24000 7000 0.6 17300 18000 3400
Technical Parameters of 3-stage Boom Arm (Long Reach Arm)
Model of excavator Overall length of three-stage arm (mm) Weight (kg) Weight limit of hydraulic shear (kg) Overall height (mm)
PC120-6 12000 3000 ≤800 3000
PC200LC-6 14000 4500 ≤1500 3100
PC220LC-6 16000 5000 ≤2000 3160
PC300LC-6 18000 6000 ≤2000 3290
PC350LC-6 20000 7000 ≤2000 3290
PC400LC-6 22000 8000 ≤2000 3420
PC450LC-6 24000 9000 ≤2000 3420
Technical Parameters of Long Reach Arm
Length (m) Operating Weight (ton) Bucket Capacity (m3) Max. Digging Height (m) Max.Forward Reach (m) Max. Digging Depth (m) Total Height (m)
13 3 0.3 11.3 12.5 9.0 2.9
15.38 4 0.4 12.51 15.1 11.34 2.98
18 5.2 0.45 13.72 17.6 1.3 3.21
20 6 0.5 14.92 19.6 15.0 3.21
22 6.5 0.6 16.1 21.6 16.5 3.4
24 7 0.6 17.3 23.6 18.0 3.4
26 8 0.5 18.5 25.6 0.45 3.4

Our Boom Arm products are suited for the following models of equipment
1. Komatsu: PC40, PC60-5-6-7, PC100, PC120, PC130, PC240, PC200-1-3-5-6, PC220-1-3-5, PC300-3-5, PC400-1-3-5
2. Hitachi: EX40, EX60, EX150, EX100M, EX100, EX120, EX150, EX200-1-2-3, EX300-1-3-5, EX400, UH08, UH07
3. Caterpillar: E110B, E200B (E320), E240 (MS180), E300B, E330
4. Daewoo: DH220, DH280, R200, R210.
5. Kato: HD250, HD400 (HD450), HD500, HD550, HD700 (HD770), HD800, HD820, HD850, DH880, HD1020, HD1220 (HD1250), HD1430, DH1880
6. Kobelco: SK07N2, SK07-7SK200, SK220, SK300, SK320
7. Sumitomo: SH120, SH200, SH280, SH300, SH400
8. Mitsubishi: MS110, MS120, MS180
9. Samsung: SE55, SE210

The long reach boom, also a kind of boom arm, is classified into the two-stage and three-stage types.
The two-stage boom arm for excavator has applications in transportation of sand, soil and concrete, expressway slope conditioning, river dredging and silt removal engineering, and earth-rock excavation work of building foundation, riverway, and deep ditch, etc.
The three-stage long reach arm is primarily suited for demolition of high-rise buildings.

Material: our boom arm is made of 16MN.
Packaging: nude packaging
Outer packing: bundle by air bubble film
Minimum order quantity (MOQ): 1 pc or of an equivalent to 3000 USD
Brand: FD
Place of origin: Fujian Province in China

Our company can design and manufacture a variety of two-stage and three-stage boom arms. With working range of 13-26m, the two-stage long reach boom is special for excavators in river cleanup application. The three-stage boom for excavators has operating range of 12-30m, and is special for building demolition.

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