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Engine Parts
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The electric control system of a hydraulic excavator consists of such electronic parts as the monitoring panel, engine control system, pump control system, sensor, and electromagnetic valve, etc.

The electric system of a hydraulic excavator is made up of the power source, start/stop control circuit, charging circuit, and low current circuit.
The engine control system regulates the engine speed according to the throttle position signal and the power-mode switch signal; while the pump control system controls the output power of the main pump on the basis of the engine speed and the load of the excavator.
The monitoring system is used to remind the operator of problems or faults when the excavator is working. Also it provides malfunction code and adjustment information for the serviceman.

Our Electromagnetic Valve, a kind of electronic parts, is used for the following models of equipment
Komatsu: PC120-5/6, PC200-5/6D95, PC200-6/6D95, PC200-6/6D102, PC200-7
Hitachi: EX120, EX200-2/3/5, E200B, E320B, E320
Caterpillar: CAT200B
Kobelco: SK200-6, and more

Our Sensor, also a type of electronic parts, is applicable to the models of equipment as follows
Komatsu: PC200-3/5/6, PC200-6, PC220-6, PC200-7, PC220-7
Caterpillar: CAT320, E320C, E330B, E200B, E320
Hyundai: R220-5
Kobelco: SK200-3/5, SK200-6/6E, SK200-8
Daewoo: DH220-5
Hitachi: ZX200, EX200-1/2/3/5, EX120-2/3
Sumitomo: SH200, etc.

We are a China construction machinery parts manufacturer and supplier. In addition to electronic parts, we offer seal kits, engine parts, wheel loader cutting edge, excavator bucket, bucket link, link rod, hydraulic cylinder, track roller, and more.

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