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Seal Kits

Seal Kits
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The seal kit works on the basis of elastic deformation. Higher contact pressure on the seal surface than the internal pressure of sealed media can prevent leakage.

Types of Seal Kit
1. V-ring Seal
The V-ring seal is a rubber seal for rotary shafts. It works axially, providing non-pressurized seal. The sealing lip is so flexible that it allows great tolerance level and angular deviation. The flexible lip is able to retain oil and exclude water or dust outside. The seal kit is generally suitable for grooves with rectangular section.
2. O-ring Seal
The seal kit is primarily used for static seal and reciprocating seal. When used for dynamic seal, it only suits low-speed rotary seal.
3. Y Type Seal Ring
The sealing element is widely used for reciprocating seals. It should be mounted with the sealing lip facing toward the higher pressure side.

In addition, there are spring seals which include an extra spring in the PTFE sealing materials. The spring can be O, V and U types.

Specifications of Seal Kit
Hardness: HS85±2ºA
Working pressure: 0-300MPa
Working speed: ≤15m/s
Working temperature: -55~+250℃
Applicable media: The seal kit is suitable for media including hydraulic oil, gas, water, slurry, crude oil, emulsified liquid, water-glycol, acid, alkali, chemicals, and others.
Material: the seal kit is generally made of nitrile rubber, natural rubber, neoprene rubber, ethylene propylene rubber, fluorine rubber, TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane), CPU (Casting Polyurethane), silicone rubber, or blended rubber.
Packaging: carton packaging
Minimum order quantity (MOQ): of an equivalent to 3000 USD

We is a specialized seal kits manufacturer in China. Our company offers a wide variety of products, including our motor grader cutting edge, excavator cutting edge, bucket teeth pin lock, boom arm, track shoe, track pad, and rubber parts, among others.

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