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A filter is used to remove harmful impurities.

Our company supplies various models of filters including

PA 3854 FN BF 7538 PT 8388
PA 1981 RS 3736 BT 8832
BD 232 RS 3737 PA 2788
BF 1226 RS 3992 PA 1911
BF 970 RS 3993 RS 3541
RS 3538 PT400 B 7217
RS 3535 PA5316 BD 7105
PA3855-FN PA3675 PT 8319
BD 103 PA2358 PA 1667 FN
BT 339 PA1675 RS 3988
L 420.6080 (BF 7602) PA3631 BT 334
BF 798 PA2667 PT 8392
PA 2577 PA2668 PA 4984-FN
RS3504 PA2504 PA 4983
RS3505 PA2545 BF1271
PA 1884 PF7983 BF 1249
PA 2688 PF7982 PA 1912
B 7144 LF3349 PA 1675
B 7164 FS1251 PT 90-10 (4I6064)
BF 954 PF312 PT 8436
BF 788 BT339 BT 8333
RS 3540 PT8400-MPG B205
B 605 BF948 B7324
B 179 BF 1226 H9075
PA 2621 PT 8319 PT8909
BT 261 PT 8383 B205
PT 9172 PT 9352 PA1912
RS 3703 PA3852-FN PT397
B 7177 PA 2670 PA2784
LL 1902 FN PA 3847 RS3717
B 7600 BF 783 BT338
B 75 B 7004 B75
PA 1634 B 7575 PA3578
PT 93 BF 1280 RS3517
PA 1615 PA 2578 P7053
PA 1647 E 131-0212 BD324
BT 287-10 (8I1600) PA 1884 PF311
BT 305 PA 1893 PT8350
BF 7632 PA 2621  

Importance of Filter
The commonly seen filters include air filter, oil filter and fuel filter. The filter is an indispensable part of internal-combustion engines, air compressors, and a variety of presses. It is very important for an engine in that the use of a poor filter or no filter leads to the short life of the engine, fuel starvation, reduced power, black smoke, difficult startup, or cylinder seizing, etc.

Functions of Air Filter
The air filter of an engine is compared to lungs of human body.
The air filter protects an engine from dust particles, enabling efficient combustion through purifying the air in the combustion chamber. By reducing gathered dust, it is able to prevent early abrasion of engine parts and black smoke, and ensure smooth running of the engine.

Functions of Oil Filter
The motor oil filter works kind of like the human kidney.
The filter inside the engine lubricating system serves the purposes of hindering metallic particles caused by high-speed engine running and dust and sand prevention during oil refilling. Chemical substances formed under high temperature and high engine speed are removed by the filter. The oil filter bocks sand, dust and metallic impurities to ensure purified lubricating system, reduced wear of parts, and thus extended service life of the engine.

Functions of Fuel Filter
The fuel filter is similar to the tongue and digestive system of human body.
The filter functions as a protector for the fuel of an engine. It filters off the airborne moisture in fuel and contaminants caused in the process of fuel manufacture and transportation. With oil-water separation and deposition, the filter protects the fuel pump and fuel spray nozzle from early abrasion and extends their lifetime.

Use and Maintenance Guide for Motor Oil Filter
1. Change the oil filter every 10000-12000 kilometers or 200-250 hours.
2. When installing a new oil filter, first apply a thin a layer of oil to the surface of the gasket ring, and then tighten the filter before turning 3/4 around. You can start the engine and keep it running for 2-3 minutes to check if there is any oil leakage.
3. Regularly pay attention to the oil pressure and alarm lamp when the engine operates. Change a new oil filter in case of too low oil pressure.

Use and Maintenance Guide for Diesel Oil Filter
1. Drain the accumulated water from the diesel filter each week.
2. Change it every 10000-12000 kilometers or 200-250 hours.
3. The installation method is the same as that for a motor oil filter.

Use and Maintenance Guide for Air Filter
1. As the air filtering system bears negative pressure and outside air will enter it freely, air-tightness is essential for all joints (such as pipes and flanges) except the air inlet.
2. Check the filter every day before operation. Make sure it is clean, with no thick accumulation of dust. Install it correctly.
3. In case that the filter element is deformed or unable to clean dust, replace it under the guidance of a technician.

Materials of Filters
PA 1981: iron cover, net, and medium-grade wood pulp paper
RS3517: polyurethane (PU) adhesive, net, and medium-grade wood pulp paper
BT338: iron sheet, three pieces of thick threaded cover plates, and filter paper

Packaging: carton packaging
Minimum order quantity (MOQ): 100 PCS

As an experienced filter manufacturer and supplier in China, we at FUDEA provides a wide range of products that includes filters, track bolt, track nut, boom arm, excavator cutting edge, bucket bushing, bucket pin, and others.

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